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Off to Castlefest in an hour!

Like Renaissance Fair to the americans, but goth and bigger and lasting longer (teehee)

A shame I can’t wear my costume (of which a tight corset is the centerpiece) because of the babybump, but there’s always next year!!!

I won’t be posting anything for aprox. four days and don’t feel like setting up a queue.




Am I the only one that felt like this scene was monumental? A transgender woman teaching other women sex ed?

I thought this would be offensive because these women are still having a man tell them about their own bodies, isn’t that what they women fought for? If i’m wrong please let me know.

A transgender woman is a WOMAN. Not A MAN.

Even if we didn’t see trans women as women, there is telling us about our bodies, and educating us about our bodies.

(Source: afro-orgasm)



This was posted by thedeathmerchant as evidence that I “steal posts”

Now I really don’t see the problem here. Me and dichotomized have talked it over privately, and we both realize that sometimes things will overlap between bloggers who post the same theme at times, but that’s nothing to get infuriated about. 

We talked it over like mature adults. 

Both posts were posted at different times. It’s impossible for one person to continuously check all over tumblr to see if a topic has been posted or not.

No one really owns a concept or event you know? 

I really don’t want any of my followers to send hate to anyone, regarding this issue. But I do want people to recognize that it isn’t something to hold grudges over. 

Peace out


Remember kids, only one person in the world is allowed to report on a news story. 

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